5 Excellent

STATUTORY WARNING: This reviewer will not delve too much into the story of the movie on review, reckons a one line description will do just fine. For filmophiles who have suffered for years at the hands of sadistic reviewers including yours truly, all SPOILERS are at the end i.e. are only for those already done watching.


Two Muslim families fight a bloody feud in the hinterlands of the country over a span of three generations.


The longest 40 days of sometimes expectant but mostly excruciating wait are finally over. From the day Gangs of Wasseypur part 1 hit screens,a barrage of reviews good, bad and mean appeared everywhere. In this interim and amusingly so, even sides were clearly taken, with total disregard for the fact that it was an incomplete ballad.( for the uninformed nincompoops, a ballad is a narrative set to the tune of music ) Now having seen the conclusion (?) to this behemoth of a movie gives one a more rounded view of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR. Or does it really ? In hindsight one feels that releasing the movie in two parts was a masterstroke for one fears the full version would have become a unmitigated disaster, even maybe sounding a deathknell to the brightest mind in Hindi cinema of today.

Spinning yarns about gangsters, for eons has been de rigueur in Hindi cinema regardless of commercial ambitions. One of the early hits in this genre was Gyan Mukherjee's Ashok Kumar starrer " KISMET" (1943) and since, the role has brought out the best in actors over the years be it AMITABH BACHCHAN, (AGNEEPATH) Nana Patekar, (PARINDA) Manoj Bajpai, (SATYA) Irfan Khan,(HAASIL) and Sanjay Dutt. ( VAASTAV) But of late, with even the most staunch fanboys of this genre, Ramgopal Verma