3.5 Very Good

First of all, FAN is not a regular Bollywood movie, where the hero falls in love with the girl and sing songs dance and romance, it is far different from it.

But, first things first. I want to express what FAN isn't.

1. This is not a movie where you'll get motivated, like we all did in CHAK DE.

2. This is not a movie where you'll enjoy the dance numbers, cos there aren't any.

3. This is not a movie, in which you'll come out of the movie hall happy.

4. This isn't like the recent few movies of SRK which were mediocre.

Then what FAN is?

FAN is an offbeat psychological motion picture which depicts the flaw in human nature, the Egoism, the abuse of power, the lack of human nature to let-go unfavorable things in life and to just move on.

I think SRK has outdone himself through Gaurav's character. The biggest trick SRK and his team has pulled off is making the audience believe that Gaurav and Aryan are two different people. At any point of time the thought that Aryan and Gaurav are the same do not cross your mind.

While Gaurav Chandna is the USP of this movie, SRK pulls off a masterpiece through Aryan Khanna. In the second half I felt very uncomfortable and disturbed by watching Aryan Khanna mistreated by his fans, a cop and a rich man. This itself is a win for SRK and the FAN team. The characterisation is so good that at times you feel for both Gaurav and Aryan and at times you hate them both for their misdoings.

But, being said that, this movie is not perfect, but far from it. Director Manish Sharma fails to answer some questions. As in, where was Gaurav for 1 year before ending up in London and how a simple cyber cafe owner learned to hack into servers to get entry to a show as a journalist.

Also at times you don't feel the bg music is natural, you'll feel they have been forcefully put there to amplify the experience of the audience.

But, with all its flaws this movie is an incredible landmark in the history of Bollywood for its special effects and the acting of SRK himself.

The best part of the movie is the Climax. I just sat there at the end when the movie ended awestruck, sad, disturbed about the Climax. Very emotional and psychologically disturbing ending it was for me.

Go watch it for SRK. This is a very unique gem in the string of offbeat movies of bollywood. Now looking forward for Raees.