4.5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

though am a big fan of SRK n he's outstanding in the movie he's made a big blunder by challenging Big B. its still too early for him to touch the star of the millenium's popularity maybe after acquiring 3-4 more hits n after about 2-3 years the movie's fate wud have been better

SRK really rocks a well planned story n something which people will really say its worth spending money on the tickets
locations r superb and except some goof ups the movie is one of the best of SRK who yet proves himself that he's to be called King khan

well tried n music outstanding Don part 2 would not be exaggerated where probably the chase begins.priyanka who is a martial art sets out after SRK n here we see hw SRK can shine in a purely original n thus maybe his popularity which has fallen a bit due to challenging Big B can rise again