0.5 Poor

Don – The Chase Begins Again

for me don was the most pathetic movie i had ever seen .the movie concentrates more on style rather than the script which is very poor.also i would like to say that the 1st half was so boring that actually people were sleeping in the theatre being a famous multiplex.many of them even walked out.what more do i need to prove that the film was bad n too boring.n the end was not liked by me at all as the message that wicked wins over good is conveyed to the masses and it could have a bad effect on children.rather than the bad effects the film did not even have any suspense which could have hold together the audience.it was as i said very pathetic.also how does srk kills karrena in the lift evev when he himself admits that there are no bullets in the gun and also the fighting scenes in the air for the parachute is pathetic as it is fully untrue.music was also average.overall the film was very poor and will definitely b a flop.i pity farhan akhtar for such a bad film after dil chahta hain which was very nice.i request u guys not to watch it in the theatres and waste ur money as it is not worth even a single penny.watch it on tv sets after a month when it would b telecast as a world premiere being a flop and see urselves the patheticness of this movie.again i appeal to u not top watch it in theatres as it is not worth a rupee.