2 Average

Dil Maange More

After watching Shahid Kapoors first film Ishq Vishk. I thought to myself who is this Shahrukh Khan wannabee. He tries to copy everything about Shahrukh Khan. Hairstyle, body language, Face expressions and tries to do the innocence that Shahrukh Khan does to imprees the girls. Anyway moving on to the film Dil Maange More is a little bit of a childish fairy tail love story. Boy love girl 1, Girl 1 not serious about him, Girl 1 chooses career and leaves him. Girl 2 is his colleague, she uses and abuses him to make her ex jealous. Boy is heartbroken again till he meets Girl 3. He finds out that girl 3 loves him, so he goes out with her. Suddenly Girl 1 comes back claiming too love him. Even Girl 2 tells him that she loves him. In the end, he goes with true love, which is ever so predictable. Shahid's performance is an imitation of Shah Rukh Khan, so i will say not original but poor. Soha Ali Khan gives a average performance as a unusual stupid character. Tulip Joshi gives a crap performance with a weak character. Ayesha is the prettiest out of the girls and gives the best acting out of them all. Overall, not too bad, not Good but just below Average