4.5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 Review by me:

well i saw Dhoom 2 but not the way i wanted to.it's not playing here in Sacramento so my parents wouldn't take me to see it an hour and a half away.so i did what anyone else in my situation would do.i got a bootleg of it.anyways let's get on with the review.

Dhoom was my first Hindi film in cinema so it's close to my heart.i loved Dhoom and was sure i was gonna love Dhoom 2.so what did i rate the first Dhoom?well i rated it 9/10.and what do i rate Dhoom 2?we'll find out later.and also go to Dhoom 2 expecting entertainment and not something realistic or classic material.

sure the story is similar to Dhoom but hey it doesn't bother me because i liked the story of Dhoom.anyways Mr. A is the perfect thief.he steals different things and Jai and Ali are out to catch him.Also with them is Shonali.Mr. A meets Ash (i have no idea how to spell her characters name) and they become partners.Jai finds out they went to Rio so Jai and Ali go to Rio and stay with Monali,Shonali's twin sister.Do they catch Mr. A and Ash?

Memorable scenes:
-The first scene is such an excellent scene.starting with the queen and then Hrithik stealing the crown is excellent.fools everyone in the theatre.and then the fight after on top of the train and Hrithik riding the board behind the train.
-Jai and Ali's intro is definately applaudable.i loved it and thought it was cool.
-Every scene with Ali is freakin hilarious.not as funny as in Dhoom but still good.
-Hrithik stealing the diamond was such a good scene.never seen anything like it.and then after when he's the old man and hands Ali the card and disappears.and the chase after is also excellent.
-Jai and Shonali remembering college days was hilarious.the expressions on Ali and Sweety's faces was so funny.
-Ash and Hrithik meeting was a good scene also.
-the basketball scene with Hrithik and Ash.
-Ash in the theatre stuck between the two guys at intermission was also something good.
-when Jai and Ali first get to Rio is a good scene.
-Jai and Mr. A coming face to face for the first time was such a good scene.i was at the edge of my seat the whole time.
-when Jai finds out who Mr. A is was also excellent.but i think the scene where they talk should've been after Dil Laga Na.more on this later.but the talk between Jai and Mr. A is definately another excellent scene.
-The whole chase sequence at the end and then the fight between Jai and Mr. A.and what Ash does definately dropped my mouth wide open.
-When Jai comes to the restaurant at the very end was another excellent part.i was shocked again.

-The ending is a lot like BNB.
-The whole talk before Dil Laga Na should've been after the song.here's how i would've done it.Showed Jai realizing who Mr. A was,then Dil Laga Na,and then Jai talking with Mr. A.it would've been much better like that.
-Ash hammed half the time.

i loved the music more than the first one.my pick from the soundtrack is Dil Laga Na,Touch Me,and Dhoom Again.Choreography wise i pick Touch Me and Dhoom Again.

Sanjay Gandhvi did an excellent job with this film.

i absolutely loved it.everything that happened was good.i loved Abhi's dialogue,"He's the perfect thief.Tumse milke bahut mazaa aayega Mr. A.I think we'll have fun." i loved the whole script

Hrithik Roshan as Mr. A:i've seen very few of his films.but whatever film of his i see he gives a good performance.be it K3G (good),KMG (very good),Lakshya (ok),or Krrish (excellent).well i can say this is his best performance out of the films i seen.he absolutely rocked the house.and me saying that is a good thing because i hate him.don't ask why i just do.but i love the way he dances.he did such a good job in Dhoom Again.excellent excellent performance.

Abhishek Bachchan as Jai Dixit:still love this character.although i did miss the clean shaven,glasses wearing Jai Dixit.but an excellent performance from him.

Uday Chopra as Ali: Ali has just picked up from where he left off.still falling for every girl he sees and it's still funny.good performance from him.

Bipasha Basu as Shonali:she did good but the role was small.
as Monali: same.

Ash did an ok job although she did ham half the time.and Rimi looked good even though she's pregnant.she did a good job acting too.

On the whole i definately say that Dhoom 2 is better than Dhoom.it will be a super duper hit.but hopefully not better than my favorite movie of the year Don