2 Average

Dhoom 2

I think most watchable in Dhoom2 is Hrithik though i am not his fan. Actually i am Abhishek's fan but he really disappointed me in this movie. Hrithik has only done stunts and dance and no acting like in Krissh. His only good acting in KMG. Bipasha looks very hot and sexy but nothing to show other than her body. Uday's joke was better in Dhoom1 and in dhoom2 he is irritating and made me laugh in only 1 or 2 scenes. Aishwarya really hasn't done anything. Overall, Dhoom1 is far better than Dhoom 2. And one thing, the script of dhoom2 is the most worst thing of the movie. Overall Dhoom1 rocked and dhoom2 just ok because of better stunts and noting else