4 Very Good

Dhoom 2

Define the "Movie". If you mean story/script then it was a waste of time and money. But if you mean the whole package including the performance and narration then the movie is definitely worth a trip or two to the cinema.

I think the director had this idea of "Hrithik Roshan" and took up the challenge of introducing Rakesh Roshan's son Hrithik, who had a great body, some amazing talent and made up looks that matched the director's image of who or what "Hrithik Roshan" is or should be.

The movie is ALL Hrithik. Without him, it is a definite flop. I didn't like Dhoom 1 and was surprised that it became a hit. I still say, it did because of the songs in Dhoom 1.

Back to the point though. Why would you waste your time and money to see a bunch of great action scenes, stollen from Hollywood film, dialogues too - especially the last one which was from Niro/Pacciono film HEAT (then I would have to kill you!) so for those of us who see Hollywood films regularly, Dhoom 2 had nothing to offer ... except, Sanjay's VISION of Hrithik Roshan. I bet even Hrithik didn't know he can look that amazing - he must be feeling quite ugly when he looks at himself in KNPH, K3G in comparison to Dhoom 2!

A broken heart, stolen sleep and restless hours! That is what I have been enduring since I saw D:2. And before I go any further, let me tell you, I am not your usual crazy fan who would swallow whatever these actors throw at you. I am a mature professional and have been over my ‘groupie” phase since Rishi Kapoor stopped chasing young girls around the tree. So I am not a teeny bopper who would scream hriteeeek every time he appeared on screen.

But I am a fan. Of Bollywood and of Hrithik Roshan so this may be a biased article. This article has been written especially to spite my husband who swore he would chloroform me if I screamed when Hrithik appeared on the screen. That was his condition, for going to the movies with me. He warned me to sit still and give him no cause for using violence on me. Yeah … right!

So at the risk of not getting a divorce, I will simply write what I liked (or not) about D:2


1. no real story to sink your teeth into

2. Uday like Rema should have been a special appearance and Bipasha should have been left to chase Aish

3. Lack of chemistry FROM aish. There was chemistry on the screen but it was all oozing from Hrithik. She looked like a glass doll .. you know su ne hri glass doll (puke!). No expression and all attitude which made her look stupid than cute.

4. No chick fight, like in Bridget Jones Diary, there was a hunk fight, would have been nice to see Bipasa slap Aish around!

5. The climax. I personally would have preferred for Jai to not connect the dots and see Hrithik and Aish back in Dhoom 3. Can't imagine a Dhoom 3 without Hrithik - it will be like paying for a kiddy ride after a monster of a rollercoaster ride. Maybe they can get Tom Cruise or Keanu Reaves to play the lead in Dhoom 3! LOL! As it stands today, I can’t think of a single Bollywood actor who can out perform Hrithik. Did someone say Saif? Naaah!

6. Overacting by Hrithik and Aish in some scenes. Especially the Russian roulette scene was boring – until the kiss … sssssssssss! That kiss was everything I dreamed of Hrithik. A person put together as well as Hrithik is, he had to know (or at least show us lovely ladies) that he can kiss, and he proved it. He excels at almost everything! Tongue, spit and sweet, all in one! Beautiful!


As if I need to tell anyone. But this was a tough choice and I finally settled, in order as follow

1. Hrithik Roshan. He ranks THE asset of the film, not because I am his fan but because Allan Amin, try as he may, would not have managed energized stunts as he got from Hrithik. If I remember correctly, Hrithik also delivered for him in Mission Kashmir – especially the fight scene at the end with Sanju Babba.

2. The action, but of course! Subhanallah – Hrithik’s stamina and Allan Amin’s vision just left people squealing for more action. Yes, the script was crap and it felt like bunch of ‘great scenes’ patched together, but hey, the way Hrithik set the screen ablaze, I would not only go watch it again but also rewind it over and over to see him board, skate, bungee jump and tell me “come on you people!”

3. Hrithik’s make up and wardrobe – I mean has the guy looked any hunkier than he has before? Sure we knew he had all of that but the way he was put together in this film worked. Big bravo goes to his hair stylist because those weaves were killers – looked like his own hair!

4. Shiamka’s choreograph. It was Shiamak right? Execuse my ignorance, but that seemed Shiamak’s signature style. Especially since Shiamak directed Hrithik at filmfare when he won the award for KMG. Those were the same 6 moves – and they thought we wouldn’t notice! Hrithik makes it look all so new and fresh and easy!

5. Location – definitely – the gorge was breathtaking as was brazil and the hot sand Ds!

6. The graphics – mamma mia! I absolutely loved the changing faces scenes where Jai wonders where he has seen this guy with Suneheri before and Hrithik walks towards him and his million ‘roops’ appear and fade. Brilliant! BRILLIANT! The colors were as vibrant and energized as Hrithik himself. Superb!

7. Bipasah Bassu! The chick drives me crazy. I hate her to bits but more and more, I realize it is because this kaali billi is one of the sexiest Indians I have laid my eyes on. She has style and flare and in my opinion, she outshone Aishwarya. Then again, who cares, I went to see the movie only because of Hrithik.

8. Three songs picturized on Hrithik. Out of which, the first one was the best followed by the last one with Aish and then of course Dil Laga. The Dil Laga song was too busy – they only needed Hrithik and Bipasha there – looking as sexy as they did, the Señor and Señorita were having a ball, you could tell!

For those of you who have not seen it in the big screen, I kid you not, this movie is worth watching at the big screen JUST FOR HRITHIK and the mind blowing action. I personally prefer this movie over Krrish – and only because munda kamaal dikhta hai.

Did someone say Abhishek? Huh? Was he in the movie? That is one of the cons by the way. That he was turned into a sidey, like Uday. But like I said … I went for Hrithik, I scream for Hrithik and I will buy the original DVD because of Hrithik. Without Hrithik, Dhoom was destined to doom!