1.5 Average

Dhoom 2

And yet again, I fell prey to a good marketing campaign and the media hype. Dhoom 2 falls drastically short of expectations and comes nowhere close to Dhoom 1.

Dhoom 2 does not work in any way – the plot is good but the execution and story-telling is bad, the film looks like it could have done without a director also – nowhere you feel that the director has done a real good job. Songs have been introduced at all the wrong places and since the music is bad, you don’t feel like watching the songs at all. Infact I dozed off a couple of times. Chaitali (my wife) had to actually wake me up !! This was not the case with Dhoom 1 which had great songs and hence good to watch.

The movie starts on a very good note with Hrithik pulling off a heist in the deserts of Namibia and you start preparing yourself to enjoy the ride for the next 2 hours. But then the movie keeps falling level after level with every robbery looking like a child’s play. The climax is the ultimate downer – with Abhisekh waiting for 6 months in the Fiji islands for Hrithik to pull off another robbery so that he can catch him in the ‘act. So after the wait of 6 months, he finally goes to visit Hrithik and asks him if he is actually planning something. Hrithik in turn offers to surrender. Seeing this, our super-cop has a change of heart and lets him off without arresting him because the world believes that Hrithik is dead and you cannot arrest someone who is already dead !! What the heck is this !!

The dialogues are also bad. Remember the dialogue exchanges in Dhoom 1 between John and Abhisekh towards the end of the movie in the hotel lobby in Goa? That was brilliantly penned and executed. Even the exchanges between John and Abhisekh over phone in Dhoom 1 were good to watch. The director tries something of that sort in Dhoom 2 also but fails miserably.

The basketball sequence between Ash and Hrithik is very bad and you don’t understand what the director is trying to show here or make you feel. And what I don’t understand is, why are actors asked to play basketball in movies when they can’t even hold the ball properly. And Ash playing basketball is just too much to bear !

Bipasha – Where was the need of that double role for Bipasha. She looks good in the cop outfit but that’s all about it for the cop-Bipasha. Enter her sister who lives in Rio and who has nothing to do other than wear bikinis and also gets to do a Baywatch. How you wish that you could have got to see more of Bipasha as the cop!

Abhishek – looks pathetic, is completely out of form and dances awkwardly. There is not even one good scene where you feel that Abhishek has done really well. And why on earth has he grown his moustache so much – makes him look very old. All this has got to do with the entry of Ash in his life. A real ‘panvati’ she is. Though I really like Abhishek a lot, I really hope that from now on, all of his movies should flop and he realizes that Ash is the ‘panvati’ he should get rid of ASAP.

Ash – You would all agree that she is nothing but a celebrity created by the media hype and some excellent PR. Never have I felt that she is good actor and she strengthens my belief further with this movie. Media has just been raving about her brand new figure but to me she seriously looks yuck and underfed. Just imagine a zombie with a big face and very slim body – yup Ash looks similar to that. And the sexy / cool expressions that she tries to give makes you wanna puke all over her. She just comes across as a wannabe and nothing else.

Uday – Goes seriously overboard this time around.

Hrithik – The only thing that works for this movie is Hrithik who looks super-cool, dances great and does stunts in the movie with élan. Surely the only thing in this otherwise miserably sad movie, that is worth watching.

Bud sadly, the movie is already a big hit, thanks to the great publicity, the huge canvas on which the movie is set, a super-rich production house backing it – the movie takes you from Namibia to Mumbai to Rio.

This is again my review of the movie but one thing is for sure – Dhoom 2 does not at all come anywhere close to Dhoom 1 and falls very much short of expectations.


A greatly disappointed movie buff.