5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 : Back in Action ! (Far better than Dhoom 1 ,exception of Songs)
Review Written by : Nimish N. Sonar, Vidyanagar, Pune

Genre : Action thriller
Cast : Hrithik Roshan ( Aryan ), Aishwarya Rai ( Sunehri), Abhishek Bachchan ( Cop jai Dixit ), Rimi Sen ( Jai’s wife ), Uday Chopra ( Ali ), Bipasha Basu ( Cop Shonali Bose and Brazilian Beachcomber)
Music : Pritam Direction : Sanjay Gadhvi
Lyrics : Sameer Producer : Aditya Chopra
Rating : Fantastic ( **** )
( Actually, catchline of DON : “The chase begins again”, suits more to DHOOM 2 than DON )

Dhoom Dhoom! Once again everyone have made dhoom and this time Hrithik Roshan made the dhoom watchable and enjoyable. Nice acting by Hrithik. One can not imagine Dhoom 2 without him. No other actor could have been fit in the Mr A ( Aryan’s ) role. Lage Raho Hrithik Bhai !!!

Never miss beginning of the movie. A thief ( always changing getups ), who only steals antique things ( and leaves signature behind ) with the help of his hitech gadgets, steals the precious throne in a train in desert of Namibia in a train. The sequence is so well executed that, you wonder if this is the beginning, how the movie would be. And 80% of your expectations are met by the movie. Immediately after that, comes the super-choreographed and superiorly danced song by Hrithik, “Dhoom again and runaway with me on roller coaster ride, Dhoom again and see your wildest dreams slowly come alive” Really, We see our wildest dreams come alive on the big screen.

Ali is now assistant of cop Jai Dixit. And Jai’s college friend Shonali also joins them in their mission against the thief. As the thief’s next target is supposed to be Mumbai’s precious necklace in museum, as the date-code by Aryan is decoded by Jai’s super power mind. Cops are at the necklace And Mr A is after the missing diamond of that necklace kept in tight security, while Mr A with his electronic gadgets steals the diamond in a very mission impossible way. Especially, when the camera moves towards the white statues carved in wall in the hall and we didn’t notice Mr A in the statue and suddenly he opens his eyes and moves slightly, we wonder and praise about the mastermind behind it. Bravo ! Mesmerizing photography is the only word to describe it. He escapes after that in getup of a old man and then escapes on the road in an unbelievable but still thrilling way.He escapes in th Krrish way but with the help of Hitech gadgets.

On Aaj Tak, Mr A declares his next target by phone: an antique sword in a chateau ( fort ). This time one extra thief also intrudes in the fort alongwith Mr A, unknown to him. Who is she ? A friend or foe ? A friend of Jai Dixit or friend of Aryan ? Guys, find out this in movie itself. Again action scenes at fort. Well executed.

Post interval, this movie lacks speed for some time but it again grasps attention as the love story between Hrithik and Aish begins. The vollyball chemistry is the best in second half. Finally the chase on our yellow coloured bikes, by yellow helicopter. Nice chase. And a nice end of the movie, leaving behind the foundation for sequel again.Bipasha returns in a double role as Monali, a brazilian beachcomber, exposing everything that she had hidden in previous movies.

Songs are bad except, Crazy Kiya Re, Dhoom again & Dil Laga na Diljale se. After many years I heard clapping, whistling in the theatre. The dialog like : “Chor Chori nahi karenge, toh police kya karegi ?” delivered by Hrithik are cool.
So, friends go and watch this movie even if, any friend tell you the whole story till end, or even if, anyone recommends you not to see the movie. And please do not find logic in some action scenes otherwise you would not be able to enjoy it. A Perfectly Paisa Vasool movie in each aspect.
Warning : There is no John Abraham in this film as rumors were spread before release.
Sensual Post Script : There is a news or rumor that, Big B have strongly objected to the kissing scene between Hrithik and Aishwarya in Dhoom2.

-- Nimish N. Sonar