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Dhoom 2

I was wondering while watching Dhoom2 whether same director has directed the movie or is this directed by some debutant director who is confused between David Dhawan kind of Cinema and realistic cinema

Movie is full of style and good looking people, good looking clothes but that’s it

Director does not bother to explain reasons or methodologies of robbery; all he is interested in is various getups of Hrithik Roshan.

• How can Hrithik jump on a train and in less than a minute robs a highly secured diamond disguising as the queen?
• How can anybody rob a highly secured diamond with a toy car which is seen by no one in infra red protected room?
• Why police who is looking for an international thief waits outside the Museum as if thief is going to come from that way?
• Can someone explain - One cop on a bike and another on Helicopter trying to chase a thief on skates and are unable to do so because thief has some kind of magnetism in his gloves which allow him to steer through the traffic?
• Why Aishwarya sometimes speaks broken English and sometimes starts speaking wonderful English?
• What was Bipasha as a cop doing in this movie?
• Why our super cop AB JR. has only one Overused, Old, so much Predictable method to catch smartest international thief

SO many questions – unanswered?

One statement describes Dhoom2: Thief is not as smart (mentally) as thief was of Dhoom1; cop is not smart as cop was of Dhoom1; funny guy is as funny as he was of Dhoom1

Believe it or not – Guy I hated most in Dhoom1 (Uday chopra) was the only one I liked in Dhoom2 after Hrithik

Aishwarya Rai keeps saying – Funny Guy!! To Hrithik Roshan
And that just kept me thinking that dialogue should have been reversed
Hrithik should have told Aishwarya – Funny Girl and she was funny (not in the good sense of course)
She was trying to expose a body which does not qualify in any manner as Hot!!!

Good Points – Hrithik has never looked so good before, he has danced amazingly well - which he always does, he got an author backed role and he made the most of this opportunity

Only person who is going to get benefited from this movie is Hrithik Roshan