4 Very Good

With a heavy star cast featuring Abhishek, Aishwarya, Bipasa, Hrithik, and Uday in the lead the movie keeps up with the hype and flamboyance as depicted in media. No comparisons with the first Dhoom but this show is far better that the previous edition, let’s scrutinize how. Starting off in a desert and train scenario it ends up in… wait, what’s the fun if I tell you how it ends. Shot is various locations like Brazil, Nambia’s Desert, Mumbai, an old for in India etc this film has amazingly projected the two curvaceous beauties Aish and Bips in a glamorous manner.

Coming to the guys Hrithik is simply the best in this movie. He is the style guru with no doubts, acts like a veteran and gives action sequences as it was a piece of cake. Abhishek has an amusing entry as per me and acts well but seems a little bossy at times as his character. Uday is similar to the last Dhoom but his character has added the zing of comedy in this intense but still in vogue movie. There are no such supporting actors who stand out as the film revolves mainly on the leading 5. Rimi Sen puts of a good show in her small role.

The good points about the film can be tagged as the technical work. The camera has been handled by an experienced person the editor also has magic in his hands. Some camera angles in the breath taking locations are out of this world. Equally the actors have also provided a formidable act. The background music by Salim-Sulemaan is the icing on the cake; do have to tell anything about the music by Pritam its just pulsating. The screenplay is also up to the mark while the ending could have been much better, I sense there is a space left for Dhoom3 as well. Choreography Viavhabi Merchant is also astounding, Hrithik is a fabulous dancer but Aish dances great when she is alone in the video with Hrithik she loose her composure aplomb. My favourite scene is the one with Hrithik, Aish and the gun.

Now the things I consider not that good in the film. The special effects is the first thing I want to include this list. I say special effect is like a drug, best when you know how much and when to use it. I don’t complain that the special effects are bad but at some point it seems very unrealistic and kind of unnecessary. About the actors Bipasha lacks the poise in some shots and in “touch me” the song. Aish is looking skinny in most part of the film but looks portly at the end, portly because she looks a little fat than regular. Uday Chopra over acts at some stages and Jr. Bachan should have been built regarding his physique for a role like this but he is OK. The only cool guy in this gang is Hrithik, he is just impeccable.

Now writing about the clothes, style, the gadgets including bikes and cars. The chopper looks very real in film just joking. All the stars are shining brighter just due to the skillful stylist. Everyone has dream to get clothes on them. Here also Hrithik steals the show, I read that he as 17 looks in the film. I haven’t counted but his disguises are simply flawless and so in sync with the movie. Other actors also put up a good show regarding style and carrying it off. Gadgets are cool as in the previous version. To a level it seems you are overdoing with the gadgets but the bike race in the end is sure to thrill you. Oh did I let something out already. For more detail information run to a theater near you.

To sum up, this movie if better than Dhoom. In simple words a paisa wasool movie and a must watch in the theater. Grab your friends and let the reel roll.

Geshan Manandhar
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