3 Good

Dhoom 2

With a weak script polished with style and glamour, Dhoom 2 makes you enjoy your time but fails to make a mark as a quality film.

The movie starts with a childish theft scene that leaves you wondering if I should have paid for this movie. But soon Hrithik starts dancing to excellent moves of Shiamak Davar and the audience is back on track. The movie continues in this way on a business cycle with few ups and plenty of downs.

Hrithik is simply fantastic in his role. His performance, looks, dances and dialogues makes you wonder if there is anyone better in the acting business.

Ash is at best mediocre or otherwise pathetic. She is a script-based actress and the loopholes in the script are exposed strongly in Ash's performance. She looks her best in Crazy Kiya Re... but that's the best you get of her in the movie. You wonder if this is the same veteran who recently starred as a convincing Umrao.

Uday is funny and does well within his role. Abhishek's peformance is disappointing after KANK. He fails to stand his own ground in front of Hrithik and in every area from costumes to dances, Hrithik steals away the limelight.

Bipasha… she comes, she sees, she conquers and after the interval she falters. Her role later just seems pointless. Despite of that she looks great and leaves a mark among 3 other superstars.

The movie looks great. The dances are awesome with Dhoom Again being the highlight. Costumes (minus Abhishek’s) are great. The dialogues are refreshing and so are the locales.

All-in-all, Dhoom 2 is a technically sound movie let down by an extremely badly written script. The characters are hardly developed and neither are the relationships within the movie including the main lead.

It is a good time-pass movie and that is what it will be remembered as or else just as a Hrithik Roshan starrer!