0.5 Poor

Dhoom 2


With all due respects to your reviewing capabilities, what was it that u saw in
Dhoom 2 that you have liberally rated the film with 4.5 stars???

I'm an ardent follower of your reviews and based on that I made it to the
cinemas here in Washington with 6 other friends telling all of them that the
reviews are very good. But lo and behold each one of us was in for a BIG
surprise. None of us liked the movie and here's our collective review in a

1. The movie is nothing but a fashion show involving Hrithik, Ash and Bipasha.

2. There's no story whatsoever (still 4.5 stars???) and all the time was wasted
on unnecessary introductions and scenes (like the basket ball scene).

3. Not one good song in the entire movie.

4. Most of all, its an Illogical movie. There are umpteen number of Illogical
scenes. You want instances? There are many. But here are a few:
a. When Hrithik robs that ruby - How does he manage to get into the room in
the first place before posing himself as a white painted statue. Wasn't the
room guarded well enough? And with so many guys in the room, no body notices
a tiny remote device moving at a slow pace in the room and doing the needful.
b. When Uday talks to Bipasha in Hindi she can understand, but she cant, when
Abhishek talks to her in Hindi. And she admits that in the movie. But one
wonders HOW??? and WHY???
c. After all the drama, Abhishek lets Hrithik and Ask go??? So, all for nothing?
Did we have to sit thru just to watch Hrithik give away all that he had robbed
and end up like Bunty and Babli in one of Abhishek's other movie. Really, not
just this scene, But the entire movie is a remake mix of many other movies.

I still wonder, HOW of all the people ONLY u have rated this movie with 4.5 stars???
Tell me frankly, Did Yash(uncle?)Chopra bribe you before you reviewed this movie
from his Production House? Honestly, all other movies of his like Veer Zara in the
recent past had story material. What is Dhoom 2's meat? It falls very short of
being a Porno move. It's one sick movie with a bunch of sickos(Hrithik, Bipasha and
Ash). You've rated them for best performances. If people decide to make this movie
a hit in India, then God bless the public. It only brings India notches down when
it comes to sensibility. Indians appreciate crap. Thats what it comes down to and
thanks to people like u.

You had rated DON with 3 stars which was a far better movie that this. Shame!!!
Sorry to say this...I had never expected this from you and
all of us have vowed never to watch a movie based on your review again.