5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 certainly lived upto my expectations, it was thrilling, exciting and amazing. Hrithik certainly owned this film, although he was a villain you just didn't want him to get caught by Abhishek. I believe that Abhishek could have been better and Bips' role could have been enhanced, but overall everyone was equally excellent in their roles. The music is brilliant and the choreography even better!!! I have to say I hate it when people nitpick a film, meaning that they pick out every fault seen!! How come no one ever does that with Hollywood films?? Is it because no one dares to?? This film is just meant to be seen and not analysed, its a popcorn flick watch it and enjoy, no matter how ridiculous the stunts are, stop putting the film down!! We should appreciate how much effort goes into making a film, and I know that this film has been made with 200% effort!!!(By the way people from London loved this film includin me so why can't people from india!!?!?!) Neway for people who haven't seen it I suggest you go and watch it, and if u like it then im glad you liked it, and if u don't, well your opinion is your opinion!!!