1.5 Average

Dhoom 2

I saw the movie a few weeks back but its still a pain to forget the fact that i wasted m money and time on this crap.i live in london and those who live here should know how much tht hurts .. especally, when it was a rainy nite.

The starting itself was a big let down. the part where hrithik is dodging the bullets itself showed the standard of the film and the director. if hrithik would've dodged 2 bullets, it would've been ok, but instaed he didged about 6-7 bullets. the weirdest part was that he was dodging all of them using a skate board !! the villaian who was shooting at him was only trying to shoot at his face .. like there was no other place to shoot at !!

Frankly speaking, all the stunts were soooo artificial. The entry scenes of all 3 main characters were soo funny.

Hrithik - Came from the air
Abhishek - Came from under water
Uday - Came from forest

The only person who did make a so called "BOLLYWOODISH" entry was Aishwarya .. I'm not saying this because i'm her fan .. but i have to say .. if the movie has done any wonders, then its just because of Hrithiks and Aishwarya's acting.

On the whole, i think Taran Adarsh should quit his job and become and politician !! Trust me buddy .. you can make more money there with all this bullshit .. Good Luck