2 Average


an ordinary fare.the film has nothing new to offer you.same old 100 times seen story.gangsters,corrupt politicians,police,underworld etc etc.some of them involved with each other.since the name of the movie is Department they have shown a department formed from these people some of them with each other some of them against each other.we have seen lots of this earlier.RGV made this movie in his style which was not at all unique if he keeps on making such movies on same and same topics one day we will forget RGV even if he has big stars in his movies.he will become like Darshan brothers who are no more seen today anywhere.no scope of talking about performances,music,direction,etc,etc.all of us have seen such movie en number of times.still if you like such films then you may watch the film once at the cheapest theatre in your locality just to spend your weekend else not recommended.