4.5 Excellent

Delhi Belly

I have two words for the film “simply amazing”. It’s a kind of a film which is for the young hearted audience. It has some really bad language and scenes which could be bit shocking too. But these things do not make the movie look like out and out cheap kind of stuff because it’s all situational comedy and not cheap slang based movie. The acts of three guys will evoke laughter every now and then. The movie does not have overdone comedy scenes. It is in fact very genuine situational comedy. A path breaking film
which has never been attempted in bollywood so far. I am sure none of us have seen such an explosive and daring movie ever before in our lives.
The movie shows how three guys living in a rental accommodation in Delhi get into a troubled situation with a gangster which is purely unintentional. What happens afterwards is an absolutely a roller coaster ride. Fasten your seat belts for some outrageous scenes and dialogues. Imran Khan,Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor have done a classic act in their respective roles. Kunal as Nitin who has some serious case of food poisoning will make you laugh like anything with his potty humour. This movie is strictly not for family viewing. Anybody watching with his family will find himself in deep embarrassing situations. All the credit to Aamir Khan for getting an A certificate for the film. Otherwise film could have created unnecessary controversies. Don’t dare to miss this one!!!