5 Excellent


AT LAST A MOVIE WITH SOME DEPTH. Let me attack a few complaints that have been given about this movie.

1) Weak love story.

The story is not even the main point of the movie. It shows the affection between the two and how the two care for each other and in nuances. Like for example when they are going to Agra, the tire gets flat and just the simpleness of the scene between Abhishek and Sonam says a lot. The pictures that Abhishek took of Sonam during their visit to the Taj Mahal. Any interaction between the two was well captured. There was no waste of time and the screenplay and direction did not state the obvious like most movies do. The music and songs were well placed.

2. It's too boring/slow

Well, this is no Singh is Kinng (I love AK, he is my favorite actor) but it is a thinking person's movie. I don't like how a mainstream actor who chooses to act in an intellectual movie gets slammed for doing so. He does not always have to do a movie filled with masala and entertainment. It was extremely gripping throughout because the pauses give a chance for the viewer to think and absorb what is happening. The dynamics in the family are tobe noted; also one has to pay attention to monetary matters that come in the way along with religion playing a role. Societal norms towards women and the caste system also seem to play a role. There is a lot to think about and a lot to think about. I am going to buy this movie. It's a keeper. Keep it up!