2.5 Good

DEAR ZINDAGI is a drama movie directed by Gauri Shinde, starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan in the lead rules.

The movie deals with Kaira (Bhatt) and her struggle to deal with her quarter life crisis, with the help of a therapist (Khan).

Let me just start with addressing how much potential this movie had; it starts two extremely talented actors and a GREAT idea for its plot. Team that up with a critically acclaimed director like Gauri Shinde, who has such great experience with directing drama films (English Vinglish)... its a recipe for success.

Sadly, much to my dismay, the film doesn't deliver. And that's primarily because of its HUGE problem with the screenplay. The film tries to present so many ideas that it tends to lost its main idea in the plot. This is seen mainly in the first half that's just a mess, but the film does pick up and manage to entertain in the second half. For one reason: Shah Rukh Khan. He effortlessly manages to channel his charisma and acting into bringing his role to life, and what helps is how beautifully his character is written. Alia Bhatt does the best with what she's given, especially in the more emotionally demanding scenes.

That being said, the film does try something innovative, which is always fun to see. The conversations between Kaira and her therapist are always a delight, especially the dialogues that are heartwarming and universally relatable.

In conclusion, DEAR ZINDAGI is a waste of potential, and that's disappointing once you realise what the film could have been. The screenplay could've been much better, had it been better constructed and didn't contain so many story arcs. But it's the heartfelt scenes and great acting and chemistry between the two lead stars that really make this film worthwhile. Keep your expectations low and the film may pleasantly surprise you.