3.5 Very Good

A simple story of a young lady and her struggles as she grows up and learns to accept and forgive!
This story is all about Alia and her internal struggles. The recurrent theme is how to forgive, forgive one’s parents, one’s circumstance… Amazing theme!
How she enjoys life and yet there is a fierce commitment to work and to her passion – cinematography!
Breaking stereotypes – living alone, housing societies frowning on single women staying in their societies, how jobs are not the only way to earn money and ensure security…
This movie has several new combinations in place – the new genre of Hindi Cinema’s country music – this is great. The music and lyrics are great! The theme song somehow reminded me of a similar song sung by Manna Dey in Anand! That song and the music became iconic for a few generations – this music and song – is heading for a similar iconic status… Love you Zindagi!
Shahrukh – one of his most de-glamorized movies after Chak De! An opportunity to prove the artist in him to do a stellar role. Might give the mighty Amitabh competition for a best actor’s award for Pink!
His presence is stellar. His responses restrained. His dialogs subtle. His role almost a dream role – beautifully stitched. One actually awaits his next interaction with Alia – exquisite!
A must watch!