1.5 Average


Dabanng does not at all live up to the HYPE!!!!!!

I totally feel dabanng is an all out hype film and thats all. The film has nothing great to offer. The story line is weak since the director doesnt know where to go with it, once salman's brother in the film is good, once he's bad-this doesnt really make sens, is he trying to fight against his brother or the other people? The action scenes in movie are all undoubtedly copied from american movies like transporter, ong bak, flashpoint and the most obvious is the matrix dodging bullets and they all look slapstick(fake) which would only be good for a comedy movie. Taran Adarsh is totally wrong with his reviewing of this movie. He calls the actions scenes great, well NEWS FLASH!!! it was all copied. I didnt find anything awspring in salman khan's performance. I just like Mahesh Manjrekar as the drunk father and Sonu Sood's character needed to be specialized more on. Its sad a movie like this has become a big hit like 3 Idiots n a movie like Kites which is cinematically such a beautifull film in all aspects fails to bring people to the cinemas. I was quite excited to watch Dabangg since the trailers looked pretty good and all the hype thats been going around but all got from the film was dissapointment. Overall, Dabanng is an okay film from the story line to the performances, its not the blockbuster like 3 Idiots or Ghajini.