4.5 Excellent


The Openeing :-
Dabangg was an out & out masala movie which keeps you entertained through out witout blinking even a once.
The Story :-
The movie revolves around a ruthless town in UP where corruption is on the rise. Here enters CHULBUL PANDEY, a cop who is fearless , corrupt , shrewd , rude , greedy but yet a gem of a person.The story tells us what we have been hearing for a while- good vs evil, but potrayed in a polished way.

Bottomline :-

Overall, Dabanng is a solid, power-punch entertainer which will keep on the edge of your seat. It has everything to make it a blockbuster - Action , good songs, good cinematography , good acting from the rest of the star cast and last but not the least - the man who has given us HITS such as TERE NAAM, WANTED, GARV - SALMAN KHAN. The name is enough to bring people to flock the theaters.