1 Poor

Crazy Cukkad Family

Direction is bad. There is extortion, will, greedy sons, hen pecked husband, loyal servant, gay brother, glamour fanatic sister, fake marriage in the name of story. Enough is enough. We have seen all above type of things so many times. Screenplay makes story more pathetic. Not a single scene will make you even smile. When they laugh on screen you will get irritation and when they cry, you laugh. Dialogues are good at places but don't care about the character. When you are confused about the content that what will make it interesting and what will make it irritating such type of films happens. I surprise that how does audience sense about any movie. I went to a theater, show got cancelled then I went to another and argued to the manager then he allowed me to watch alone. Swanand Kirkire as elder son is good. Rest are just OK. Surprisingly the foreigner actress, who played Amy is fantastic. Nothing to say about music.