5 Excellent


I watched this flick ,produced by Ram Gopal Verma(and released in Mumbai in April 2002),for probably the 7th time recently at home.Am pleased to say that I enjoyed it just as much watching it this time as I did watching it the very first time.This just gives you an indication as to how great this movie is.Just like one always looks forward meeting wonderful human beings periodically with the same excitement as the first time,similarly Company provides you with enjoyment,reality entertainment and a lof of food-for-thought-all in one.

Chandrakant Nagre aka Chandu(Vivek Oberoi in his debut movie) is a small time robber running a small gang.He joins Mallik's gang in order to make it big in his profession.Cnahdu and Mallik make a great pair and Chandu quickly proves his worth and takes the company to much greater heights.Due to the astuteness of the police commissioner played by Mohanlal ,they even have to shift base to Hong Kong which they do and still carry on everything in India from there successfully and progressively. Chandu’s sudden rise in the company and in Malik’s eyes is the source of a lot of jealousy among his colleagues and they try to create misunderstandings between Chandu and Malik.The scene where the misunderstanding does take place is a beauty. Chandu and Malik part and Chandu vows to finish the Malik gang.Malik vows to kil Chandu and has him severly injured in a scramble in Kenya.The police commissioner Mohanlal visits Chandu and explains to him where he is heading and Chandu surrenders himself to the police.

The grapewine has it that this movie was based on the real life rivalry between Dawood and Chota Rajan .

Best Scenes/Dialogues

1)The opening scene wherein Chandu is hired by Mallik leaves a terrific impression.
2)Scene wherein Mallik kills Sayed and Anees after meeting Aslambhai.
3)The first meeting between Chandu and Kanu(his future wife) esp the dialogues between the 2.
4)The first meeting between Mallik and Commissioner of Police Shrinivas.
5)The confrontation scene wherein Chadu is cross examined by Mallik and his team is breathtaking stuff and that is just putting it mildly.
6)The firing scene and chase by Mallik's men after Chandu in Kenya is incredible to say the least.Look out for Vivek's stunts which are great.
7)Yadav's interview to a news channel wherein he abuses Chandu in the worst possible manner and assures they wl kill him soon.
8)Srinivasan's meeting with Chandu in the Kenya hospital and his reasoning about the industry Chandu works for and where he is heading-death either way.
8)Kanu's pleading to Mallik to save Chandu's life and her murder.
10)Chandu's murdering Raote in Mumbai jail.
11)The telephonic talk between Mallik and Chandu and Mallik and Srinivas towards the end.

10 Reasons why this is a "Must Watch"

10)Very few songs in this serious movie is just what is required to maintain the constant interest and not have the movie drag on."Aankhon Mein Raho' is a classic.
9)Appearance of al the major star casts are perfect.Devgan as the kingpin of the underworld looks perfect as does Chandu and all others.
8)Dialogues are one of the best in any hindi movie over the last 10 yrs.Donot miss the dialogues in the confrontation scene between Mallik and his men and Chandu.Also the dialogues between Chandu and Srinivas at the Kenya hospital.
7)Camera work is sensational.None better than the scene wherein Mallik's men chase Chandu to kill him.
6)Length of the movie is perfect-135 minutes only.Every scene is interrelated and there is no time wastage.You never feel things dragging on and on.
5)Realistic portrayal of underworld life and the fact that underworld life is a one-way street makes the movie even more appealing that it is.Not to forget internal politics,bickering and jealousy realistically shown in Company.
4)Unlike most movies based on underworld,this movie doesnot glorify crime .This makes Company seems much much better than it is.(like Vaastav).The last 30 minutes of the movie is a classic and shows Chandu and Mallik in greater heights.
3)Casting and Performance is pefect.Devgan,as the underworld kingpin is perfect .His body language is perfect and he creates the feeling of being an underworld Don with minimum fuss..Equally impressive is Manisha as his wife,Mohanlal as the astute police inspector and Antara as Chandu's wife.Even the supporting starcast have performed excellently.
2)Vivek Oberoi deserves a seperate mention as his performance in his debut film is mindblowing.Ram Gopal Verma had originally casted Abhishek Bachchan for this role before he changed his mind when he saw Vivek in his office dressed and looking like an underworld don.Like Akshay Kumar in Mohra,Manisha Koriala in Mann,Kangana Ranuat in Woh Lamhe,Sanjay Dutt in Vaastav) and SRK in Don,noone could have done Chandu's role better than Vivek Oberoi.Dont miss his openign scene with Mallik as well as the confrontation scene wherein Mallik and his men crossexamine Chandu and his loyalty.
1)Execution of the plot by Ram Gopal Verma is this movie's single biggest asset.There have been so many movies made on the underworld and the way they operate esp in recent times but none have come even close to showing this better than Company.

Make no mistake about this movie.It is one of the all time great hindi movies.In my opinion,when it comes to hindi movies which are based on stark reality,Company is at the very top of the list.Everyone must rush to their nearest VCD store and buy the VCD of this movie.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I did writing it(and watching the movie).Pl feel free to agree/disagree.