0.5 Poor

Chandni Chowk To China

CCTC . . A 2:45 hour torture. Was this the fuss all about. The movie dosen't make u laugh nor does it interesting. I would say its an over publicised bore. I had seen Salaam e Ishq and I had no big hopes and I was right. Frankly Nikhil just make movies with SRK.
Talking About Deepika - She is ok but has overacted a lot. Akshay - For god sake please learn acting or atleast dont compare urself with bigger stars.
And Akki thinkx he is No. 1 - The king - Award winner, Plz somebody tell him to first learn acting. Every dam movie he does is comedy and that to crappy. Dude " U R NOT SRK OR AAMIR "