3.5 Very Good

Chandni Chowk To China

I have read many bad reviews and yes I agree with the points people have put accross. However, keep in mind that this movie is the first of its kind and it the audiances reations which will help set future movies.

Some jokes are wasted, they are over the top but their are some jokes that work as well and are very funny. why this movie will fail is because the director has tried to do too much. think about it, comedy, romance, action, adventure (journey to china), drama (all the crying lol). a movie should be much much simplar, and just tell the story in a way that people can understand.

what makes up for the poor direction??? well, for one Akki. playing the role of a dimwitted idiot is Akki's main strength when acting (i am not making fun of him! he can realy pull of that role very well), for example singh is kinng. the songs vere decent and the second half of the movie was quite intresting. i could see that with a better director, this movie had a very good potential. you should watch it because it is something new and I am sure that their is more of this type of movie to come.

i personally cant wait for Chandni Chowk To Afrika, and i hope they get a better director than adhvani.

deepika is very good "action" wise but her role is limited, and I think she is wasted. i also believed that their was no need for a double role or a romantic side.