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Chandni Chowk To China

Akshay - use to act good and select script to show his ability that he is rated among the top of the bollywood actors..After a point, when he became famous. He is all after money. He isnt caring at all what people hav expectations on him. THis movie is total crap. I heard it is still adaptation of hollywood animation flick "Kung fu panda" . Still if they had copied its script or copied, the film wud work big time. But no , its the worst script ever..
Plz akshay , act good, choose good scripts not directors.Dun run after money. I know Nikhil (the direcotor) hav made his debut direct on Kal ho na ho .but the later salaam e ishq was disaster..NO , actually Nikhil doesnt hav creativity at all.First he copied salaam e ishq frm Love Actually then CC2C frm kung fu panda....