4 Very Good

Chandni Chowk To China

Hey This is the review i found in indicine.com.
Akshay Kumar himself claimed recently that the movie lacks sense. Chandni Chowk To China not just lacks sense but rather has no story. Unfortunately, the movie is poorly directed and mostly filled with over the top performances. The first half is a complete drag; the pace is extremely slow and the film is completely dependent on Akshay Kumar and his by now trademark antics to carry it along. But watching his previous 10 odd back to back films with the very same mannerisms, it’s getting awfully hard to sit through.

The second half is better, the action is great but the climax is as flat as a cola without fizz. After all the build up, which consumes the entire second half, a thrilling climax is the least you can hope for. You expect it to be a serious combat between the good and the evil, but the director has instead opted to make it funny. Funny it is, but convincing; it isn’t.

The action is top class, going by the standards of Hindi films. Choreography is brilliant and the way Tere Naina is picturized is nice. The music is good, the Chandni Chowk To China Title song and the S.I.D.H.U track stands out.

Akshay Kumar is getting extremely repetitive with his characters. It’s the same as what you saw in many of his previous films. He’s hilarious at times but while you watch him perform, you get the seen-those-a-million-times-before kind of feeling. Why can’t a capable actor, commanding super popularity, with many talented directors eager to sign him on; attempt something different?

Deepika Padukone looks stunning and has put in a lot of effort into those action sequences. In a negative role, as a Chinese, Deepika is brilliant. Mithun Chakraborty is fine in a short role. The talented Ranvir Shorey disappoints. The Chinese actors are good!

Overall, for a movie that has been hyped as one of the biggest release of the year, it has about 2 - 3 funny scenes and a couple of good action sequences! That’s about it. If that’s good enough to spend your hard earned money on the film, go for it.

Finally, with a hope that Akshay starts experimenting with his roles and tries something different for a change, I go with 2 stars for Chandni Chowk to China. Disappointing!