5 Excellent

Chandni Chowk To China

ok to start this review off let me tell you one thing this movie is made by warner bros the top notch hollywood production house. ok now to the movie this movie is amazing people have been hating on it but tht eithier because you hate akshay kumar or eithier you dont want indian movies to reach the international level. let me tell you that the production values of this movie are through the roof. looking at the amount of dedication and effort put into the stunts is unexpectional.the movie has an amazing storyline it will work overseas i dont know about india because you people in india will only wtch a movie if it has a love story in it. nwo the performenaces. akshay proves once again that he can take on any role. as for the rest of the cast they were amazing no mater what role they did.in the end i would jus say just go watch the movie even if you dont like Akshay. it doesnt matter about whos the best whther it be amir srk or akshay all that matters is people from other countries need to recgonize the talent we have in india. most people disgracing the film becuz they dont want akshays movies to work but come on guys it helps us indians grow our economy even stronger think about it. movies like this need to work so warner bros can dump more money into india.