5 Excellent

Exceptional movie start to finish. SRK delivers another brilliant performance. Very subdued yet powerful in every action and dialogue, reminiscent of his performance in Swades. I can't imagine another actor doing such immense justice to the character of Kabir Khan. For those people who still complain that SRK needs to do something different, they should be the first to line up to see this movie. Everything from direction, to cinematography, to screenplay, to performances are the merits of this film. Although a sports-theme has been done in the past, CDI has explored women's hockey in a different fashion, in that it is much more than a sports movie. It's a movie about humanism, racism, sexism, patriotism, rejection, devotion, ambition, and ultimately...unity. Keeps you hooked and has immense entertainment value all while teaching you a thing or two. The girls are perfect in their respective roles, and you feel like you're watching their real lives rather than reel lives. Definetly a breath of fresh air amidst the movies that have recently been released which involve more flashy trash rather than substance. We're a smart audience, we deserve smart movies...and luckily we now have Chak De India.