4.5 Excellent

I am a sports fanatic! I enjoy playing all kinds of sports, from soccer to ice hockey! When my favorite super star was starring in a sportive film, I was happy! At the end of these 2 hrs 30 min, you come out of the theatre feeling proud! No not because you are an Indian, but because you are a Woman! Chak De India is a very well crafted film that has shown the true blue colors an Indian Hockey Team, and of what it can be if we actually tried! It not only shows that concept of how Hockey the national sport of India is getting neglected but also shows various aspects of how the Indian Sports Scene still has a long way to make it big!

The movie as such is inspiring, motivating, and hopefully a wake up call for the country’s current sport scenario. Everything that was shown was pretty realistic from the players’ ego, to the Coach’s thirst of winning! The film also highlights how infrastructure, technology, and support still lack in sports! It is not about men and women, it is not about separate states of the country, it is not about cricket VS hockey but it is just about gathering and introducing another sportive world that does exist but does not get its due in the country!

It is not a performance orientated film. Nevertheless Shahrukh Khan is good as the coach. He is sober, looks good, and portrays as the angry, depressed, thirsty man to win the world cup! The 16 girls are perfect, and look comfortable in front of the camera.

All the hockey scenes are very well shot, and executed! Overall a very well made movie that has a mixture full of emotions, comedy, seriousness, and pride. The pride of being a woman! If this movie does not wake up the nation in the sports scene, only God Knows what will.