2.5 Good


Some movies are made with the right intentions,Bangistan is one such film, the film had its heart in the right place. On paper the films story must have sounded amazing, extremely novel and different. But the execution is below average, and films pace is extremely slow. A comedic film on religion, a satire of such, ends up boring at times. A film which was supposed to be about how humanity, peace is above any religion ends up giving a muddled message due to amateurish direction by a former critic Karan Anushman, at least critics now know its not easy to make film, as easy as it is to write.

The films story is about a fake state named Bangistan, its called that because of war between two halves of the state which are called North and South Bangistan. In the North live all the Muslims and in the South side all the Hindus. When the head Hindu and Muslim Priests of both sides come together to make a peace accord they want to present in the peace conference in Poland, ruckus is created on both sides. Therefore then both sides unknowingly make a similar plan of sending a hindu and Muslim suicide bomber to Poland to stop the accord. Does this plan go through or not, is what makes up the rest of this comedic satire. If you want to know more rush to the theatres.

Acting wise Ritesh Desmukh and Pulkit Samrat do well in there roles, but the roles could have been written a little better,Others don't have much scope in the film.

Bangistan is not a completely faulty film, there are a lot of of funny moments in the film. The whole spoof on mcdonalds, starbucks, call centres, making bombs etc are all innovative and funny .Many scenes raise laughs but there not enough for a comedy. One thing that stands out is the films locations, and production values, the screen always looks pleasing to look at, Poland seems beautiful.

Overall when I watched the films trailer a couple of months ago i had huge expectations, the film left me disappointed. But if you can take one thing away from the film it is humanity is above all. And the climax is actually well done, it might even make a tear or two flow down.