4 Very Good

Band Baaja Baaraat

The thing that rom-coms must have: energetic music, good chemistry between leads, credible performances and the most important, a good script. This film has everything in the bag except for the script which is predictable and gets confused in its latter half, where love oscillates from Anushka to Ranveer. !5 minutes in the film and you know where the film is going to have its end. Still this one is a entertaining film which has freshness in the narration. The director passes the script with the leads that saves the film from its lapses. The director manipulatively uses the wafer-thin story, but he never losses his grip on the chemistry between his leads. You don’t even know how your time speeded and the first half is over. It goes in tone and keeps you smiling. The second half does have the identical problem with the sentiments which goes bit over. Again in the climax the film raises high and doesn’t fail to make you smile. There are not many gags but some dialogues are very good and the wittiness in the dialogues displays the background of Delhi. Ranveer Singh is a man to stay here because his act is powerful and he is very confident. Undoubtedly, Anushka is the soul of the film. It is her first film where she carries the show on her responsibilities and she does it superb. The music by Salim-Sulaiman is good and the songs are well timed. Roughly 2.15 hours are not going to be said as wasted instead it may make you feel lucky to watch this. The director has done his job and has put everything in right spot but if there would have been little editing in second half; the film would have put even brighter impression. The best thing about the film is that it never takes itself too serious in first half, but the director does it in second half. Still “Band Baaja Baarat” is decent surprise by YRF. Don’t underestimate this one which tries only to keep you smiling and it does it very well
Review: 3/5