3.5 Very Good

Badmaash Company


the expectation was not so high to yash raj muvie album, because their last few album was not so good but badmash company really a surprising package!

1st song ayeshi is typical bollywood song but pritams muzic makes it ...tasteful, although its not best for any side.2nd jingle jingle by mohit chauhan also a good entertaining... may itll b popular. 3rd chaska is one of d interesting sound in recent time. the variety of muzic n krishna's singing style makes it truly good. but the albums best song is next... title fakeera by rahat fateh ali khan. he is one of d best singer in recent time but i must say its his best song after teri ore. fakeera is my personal choice!!
next badmash company by benny dayal... its just a commercial song to promote the muvie , but its not good at any side.
last two songs r remix of ayeshi n chaska. i like chaska, although i dont believe in remix culture... this two songs r good for those people who like remix or hip hop type songs.

overall :
badmash company is another good album by pritam. specially fakeera is remarkable!!

i like this album so much, 1 of d reason is fakeera.

my rating for badmash company is.......

***1/2 out of 5