4.5 Excellent

Badmaash Company

EXPECTATION - Very Much Expectation is a simple topic when pritam is announced as the music director of a film. Famous Actor Parmeet Sethi comes up with his directorial debue this time making Pritam the music composer and his plan works very well. Yash Raj & Pritam is a very Valuable and Powerful Combination as we have seen in "Dhoom" & "New York".

1.AYAASHI - This was a superhit far far way in the trailer. We knew that when Supersinger KK is handling the song, it's gonna be terrific hit and isn't it dude? Gamble-themed and Happiness related words lyriced "Ayaashi" is a Superhit in its means. Recommended Obviously.

2.JINGLE JINGLE - The Hit Machine Mohit Chauhan is on the lead folks. So, there is no chance of failure. Well Composed, Cheer Themed and Lyriced "Jingle Jingle" works very well.

3.CHASKA - Party Themed, Groovy Beats, Different Lyrics make this Song very Good. This songs has a power to tap your feat and shake your body. So, it's recommended.
Krishna's voice and URL's Rap make a great connection in this track.

4.FAKEERA - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan take over this track very smoothly and it works very well. A Sufi-tasty, mild genred "Fakeera" takes us in another world.

5.BADMAASH COMPANY - Robber-themed, Robber-lyriced this song is a Theme of Robbers. But The great composition as the theme is a foot-tapper. So, no other song except can be the theme of this movie. R.D.Burman Award Winner Benny Dayal Grooves here again after "Pocket Mein Rocket".

VERDICT - Like Pritam's another Awesome Creation "Tum Mile", This one is also a only Male sung album. So this works very well too. So, To All Pritam Lovers, Snach "Badmaash Company" because the songs are as well Badmaash as the movie.


RAting : 4.5/5