4 Very Good

Badi Behan

Leaving her sister, Kiran (Geeta Bali) to study in Bombay, Shyama (Suraiya) re-locates to a hill-station, seeks employment in the household as a maid in a wealthy family. She then meets with Dr. Shyam (Rehman) who is the son of her employer, both are drawn to each other and fall in love - much to the displeasure of his step-mother who has plans to marry him to wealthy Gulsundari. With increasing demands from Kiran, Shyama comes under financial pressure, while Shyam, unable to bear the humiliation at home, asks her to elope. She agrees but on that very day Shyam will find her missing. Shock and heartbreak await him when he subsequently meets her and finds her a mother of young child.

Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)