4 Very Good

Bada Aadmi

A locksmith by profession, Keshav (Sheikh Mukhtar) is invited by gangster Raj Bahadur (Jayant) to work for him - but he not only refuses but also gives up on his profession, re-locates to Jaipur and becomes a tangewala.
He comes across an abandoned child, names him Kishan (Masters Vijay and Anwar) and adopts him. Years later, Kishan has grown up and fallen in love with wealthy Radha (Vijaya Chowdhary), the only child of Jwalaprasad Johri (Ulhas), who wants her to wed Mahesh (Sajjan), the nephew of none other than Raj Bahadur. When Kishan and Radha continue to meet, Mahesh has him beaten-up, and an enraged Keshav goes to confront Mahesh. It is this confrontation that will result in the police being summoned and Keshav being arrested. The question remains: What will be Keshav's sentence and the fate of the two lovers?
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)