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There are none from the low-key soundtrack.


Harpreet Singh, who had composed a track in Shor In The City, gets to score a full album. He begins moderately well with the Ash King-rendered 'Naseeba', a soft paean of love with the guitar strumming softly alongside Ash King's controlled vocals. Rajiv Pal Singh Rana's lyrics have the usual contemporary touch with fancy words like pehloon ki sargoshiyaan and badmaashiyaan and Gulzar-eque metaphors (Sapnon ki ret se / Bhar li hatheliyaan). Overall, the song is soothing and so obviously composed on its lead instrument - the guitar.

But we wonder why the same Ash King is saddled only with the rap-like English portions in the bhangra-pop 'Dance karna' with Sardaar Ali as the lead vocalist. Though the hook is melodious, the rest of the song is routine and does not linger in memory, because of the overkill even within the Punjabi-pop overdrive!

Sonu Nigam's 'Man tu shudi' lacks instant appeal but sounds nice on repeated listens. However, the assembled feel to the song due to the alternate high and medium octaves robs it of soul, which it could have acquired had the formidable singer been made to sing it live. The lyrics (Ubaid Azam Azmi) are predictable. And like most intense songs today, the music is over-produced and the tenor loud.

Orchestral gimmicks open 'Bhago Mohan pyare' (Nakash Aziz), a situational fun number. The lyrics are smart, yet routine. 'Katto rani' (Javed Ali-Meenal Jain) is yet another 'item' song. There is clearly no intention to excel in the composition and lyrics (A.M. Turaz) but we must admit that the singers have done more than justice to it.

Javed, thankfully, does not sound like Sonu Nigam (which he usually does) in this song. As for Meenal Jain, we wonder why this singer is shunned by the industry despite proving her undoubted and superior skills vis-à-vis many female voices who are more successful in playbackdom today. Meenal, like all extraordinary talents, shows those special nuances even in routine songs, like this one.


Apart from the first song and the singers' deliveries in 'Man tu shudi' and 'Katto rani', this album has little on offer.

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