5 Excellent

Anjaana Anjaani

Anjaaana Anjaaana to me is the best touching film ever.

I am deeply upset with the people who are comparing this with Robot. No doubt Robot has Rajni sir and Aish but honestly dont compare.

I think Anjaana Anjaani did very well overseas due to the modern script and romance, which people in India may not accept, as few friends of mine over were giving it a bad review.

Honestly Anjaana Anjaani is a hit, Priyanka as Kiara is just WOW. Ranbir as Akash is just amazing.

I will say that, after seeing Ranbir I can honestly say Raj Kapoor Saab ki Rooh has entered Ranbir's body and he is no doubt a superstar of today :)

Wish Kiara and Akash and Siddharth all the best with Anjaana Anjaani and wish Priyanka and Ranbir all the best in their Career Lots of luv