3.5 Very Good

After reading various reviews of Aladin, I was sad. Though I had already made up my mind that I would watch the movie, but I was afraid that this would have been a waste of money like “Drona”. All my friends cautioned me before I went to watch Drona, but I dint bother about the reviews & went to see it. And I too felt it was utter waste of money.
BUT…now I feel really happy..know why..coz I am just now back from watching Aladin in the near by theater.
I tell u guys..it was the best effects any Hindi movie have had till date. It was on the par with the best Hollywood movies in terms of effects.
As the movie started, I was tensed and was waiting for the part which as per the critics said “fell flat on their face”. I kept waiting & the moment never came when the movie fell apart.
In fact the movie was full of good moments which made my heart light & I really enjoyed it. And what I loved the most is the fact that all the children’s in the hall were having a great time. It was a cute atmosphere.
I heard some critic telling that “Big B was over the top this time”!!! camoon guys what do u expect a Geine to do or behave? Do u want him to be sober & normal!!!??? I mean..i just cant understand what they were expecting?/
I think Big B was coooool. He was funny & apt performance.
Anyway the thing is that I loved the movie..nd I think anybody will like it. I wonder if critics can give excellent rating for movies like Om shanti Om, wanted, welcome ect…nd not to movie like aladin. STRANGE!!
Any way I think the movie will be a HIT. It could have been a SUPERHIT if critics had not have given so negative review to it.
Guys go nd watch it…& Kids would love it!!
Nd go with a clear mind and not with any reviews at the back of ur mind.