3.5 Very Good

8×10 Tasveer

First place first.. this is not atal bad as many of the critics hav said since the release, i watched the movie in single screen due to bad reviews by critics.
Here's my review...
The film as ample moments to make u guessing as was the case wit Gupt/Race and is executed technically very well wit giving importance to minor details...stunts are kindof OK not brilliant i must say. Acting department Akshay has done a good job so has been wit supporting ones, Javed's givs u all the lighter moments in the movie. Climax was OK not as convincing as Gupt.
y the film is not doing good i dont knw may b Akshay's recent controversy has to do somthing wit it coupled wit CCTC or its jus a plain conspiracy against Akshay movies that Critics jus dont want plp entering hall.
Taran hugely disappointed wit ur review.