5 Excellent

Amazing Visuals.. Mind-blowing 3D...most Imersive 4D sound... Hollywood standard CGI and Vfx...ARR BGM scrore.. .a good message... IMAX level 3D depth.. Super Star title card was Mind-blowing..Goosebumps all the way But the screenplay was little laggy and too many unfamiliar supporting casts, which lead to Un connectivy and most of them locations are studio sets.. So it looked little artificial.. Storyline is decent.. But lacked detailing in some areas...Acting and dubbing is moderate only.. Only Chitti 2.0 character had one of the best performance..all the other Rajini's roles were not upto expectation.. Which uplifted the film towards climax...Akshay's character had very minimal scoop of acting.. Climax sequence was creatively good but felt little kidish...many logic blunders...but as a whole the film is a huge leap towards most modernised film making in Tamil cinema.. Hats off to Shankar's vision...do watch this film in 3D (highly recommended) with Dolby ATMOS for the maximum impact