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“I am playing the role of a boy called Shoaib, who stays in Dongri” – Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi

He is an actor par excellence who has impressed one and all with his performances in films like Murder, Zeher, Gangster and Jannat. He is all ready now for his next biggie Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. He is Emraan Hashmi. Emraan was live on Bollywood Hungama’s video chat where he interacted with his fans and had a blast. For all of you who missed this fun-filled chat session, here are the excerpts.

kaniz: hi emran

Emraan Hashmi: hi kaniz

aaliya: hi emran

Emraan Hashmi: hi aaliya how r u doing

Priya!: yeaaaah i am happy i ditched my homework for this

Emraan Hashmi: well thats a wrong thing to do Priya but you probably can give it a break for a while but do well in your exams

nadiim: hi emraan…i wanna ask you how was it working with ajay devgn and kangna again..??

Emraan Hashmi: nadiim…ajay is a new experience its like working with a person who had 20 years of experience…Kangna is a great friend and hopefully inshallah this will be our third hit together.

Basith Hashmi: this is me @basithhashmi

Emraan Hashmi: hi i remember you basith

Towhid: Hi emraan whts ur fav food ?

Emraan Hashmi: Towhid…i love Sushi and any kind of Indian food.

Emraan Hashmi: Towhid…i love Sushi and any kind of Indian food.

Towhid: Hi emraan whts ur fav colour ?

Emraan Hashmi: Towhid…Black or White

taha khan: hi emraan bro H R U I AM FROM PAKISTAN

Emraan Hashmi: hi taha how r u doin

Niraj: please tell us why you backed out of from ur complaint that u werent allowed to buy house in pali hill?

Emraan Hashmi: Niraj..I backed out becos the issue was widely politicised and became a huge mess rather than actually addressing a social cause. So it was best to pull out. But I still advise anyone to raise their voice whenever they face any kind of discrimination

Emraan Hashmi

Towhid: wht song is ur fav frm ur latest film ????

Emraan Hashmi: Towhid…I guess it will have to be the same fav song of the entire nation…Pee Loon

aaliya: i m fine Emran i love ur movies specially JANNAT

Emraan Hashmi: thanks yaar thats one of my fav films too aaliya

hiniiii: emraan gotta tell you, you look better without a beard =)

Emraan Hashmi: ok hinii…then ill shave it

Towhid: who is ur fav actress ???

Emraan Hashmi: Towhid….Sridevi

RAM JANNE: emraan urs fav actor name

Emraan Hashmi: Jack Nicholson

Basith Hashmi: emmi,do u have any plan to work with yaashraj

Emraan Hashmi: basith…if the script interests me and if i get a great and memorable character to play then why not? its never the prodn house its a good project and a good story

Emraan Hashmi: basith…if the script interests me and if i get a great and memorable character to play then why not? its never the prodn house its a good project and a good story


Emraan Hashmi: no taha

Niraj: emraan ji, which films of hindi cinema are your all-time favourite?

Emraan Hashmi: Niraj….Jaagte Raho, Sholay, Satya, Vaastav

Towhid: Y have u nt been tweeting in ages ??????

Emraan Hashmi: Towhid….cos I got bored of tweeting…hopefully my enthusiasm will build up again and Ill return soon. More than that I want to update the blog on my website more often

Sunita: will you come to australia again? (melbourne)

Emraan Hashmi: Sunita…of course I love the city…loved aus when i was there…the people were extremely warm and we had a rocking time shooting there.

akshay2: u rocks every flick

Emraan Hashmi: and hopefully will keep rocking akshay

Emraan Hashmi

Ranbir_Loves_Kat: What character do you potray in once upon a time in mumbai?

Emraan Hashmi: I am playing the role of a boy who stays in Dongri whose name is Shoaib who looks up to an underworld don named Sultan. Ultimately Shoaib aspires to become Sultan.

Niraj: emraan ji,what is your opinion about the recent trend where filmmakers avoid lip-sync songs & dance?

Emraan Hashmi: Niraj…well it depends if the song is reqd to take the story fwd and the lyrics depict the moments in screen then why not? but yes i prefer lip syncing to most of my songs

kaniz: u look so romantic

Emraan Hashmi: kaniz…ok thank you

Basith Hashmi: emraan cud u come to kerala ?

Emraan Hashmi: basith i was there 10 months ago and yes i would come there for my for shooting and for a holiday

akshay: hey emraan when will u come to chandigarh

Emraan Hashmi: akshay chandigarh will happen in the next couple of days coz i am travelling 12 cities to promote my film

Raaaaaj: This is cool for once we have a young person on here!(no offence) SIR how old r u?

Emraan Hashmi: Raaaj… i am 31…do i qualify as a young person or as an old guy?

ntn_vrma: hi emraan ilove ur awarapan

Emraan Hashmi: ntn..yes one of my fav films too


Emraan Hashmi: taha….get an uncle who is a filmmaker.

Priya!: Whos your fav singer Emraan?

Emraan Hashmi: Priya…very hard to choose …i think all the singers who have sung for me are just sensational

Emraan Hashmi: Priya…very hard to choose …i think all the singers who have sung for me are just sensational

shahid: i saw u in london whn u shooting for chocolate u look cool dancing in the middle of the road

Emraan Hashmi: shahid…ya i was very nervous too.

Zameer: Hi Emraan I think your great actor. I really liked your role in Awarapan

Emraan Hashmi: Zameer…thank you

Emraan Hashmi

Ranbir_Loves_Kat: Which is your own favorite movie?

Emraan Hashmi: Awarapan, Jannat, Footpath and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai

Basith Hashmi: emraan ur favorite jeans brand ?

Emraan Hashmi: basith…Diesel

RAM JANNE: emran aapki wife ka kya naam hai?

Emraan Hashmi: Parveen

Ranbir_Loves_Kat: which actor do u look up to ???

Emraan Hashmi: Dilip Kumar


Emraan Hashmi: Basith…T shirt and Jeans…pretty boring stuff at that

Ranbir_Loves_Kat: how was working wid prachi?

Emraan Hashmi: Prachi is a fine actress and a good friend…was a great experience

Emraan Hashmi: Prachi is a fine actress and a good friend…was a great experience

Niraj: i just now read your interview in Screen where you said you dont understand Rom-Com Genre. y is it so

Emraan Hashmi: Niraj…becos its too mushy, bubbly and candy floss like for me. My wife drags me to see them.

Towhid: whts ur fav song frm 1ce apon a time in mumbai ????

Emraan Hashmi: pee loon

Emraan Hashmi: pee loon is my fav song.

jackjill: hye emran nice to see on new on once upon a time u look so handsome i lik ur movie very much

Emraan Hashmi: jackjill thank you

Basith Hashmi: howz Parven bhabhi and Ayaan?

Emraan Hashmi: basith…they both are doing great

Ranbir_Loves_Kat: what is ur fav role so far?

Emraan Hashmi: jannat, awarapan and once upon a time in Mumbaai

Emraan Hashmi

bhavin: hi imran which life do you love the most after becoming an actor or before becoming an actor

Emraan Hashmi: bhavin…both have their own charms

Zameer: I think Awarapan should have catapulted you into the top league of actors.

Emraan Hashmi: Zameer…well i dont really go by any league of actors or never really run the rat race…Let the rats do that

aaliya: Emran U r looking great in trailer of Once upon a time in mumbai. i will surely watch ur movie

Emraan Hashmi: pls do go watch it aaliya…its a phenomenal film


Emraan Hashmi: taha…show me a script

Basith Hashmi: emraan is jannat 2 in the making ?

Emraan Hashmi: basith…i was approached for it…maybe in the near future…dont knw as yet

akshay2: emraan u look good in crook

Emraan Hashmi: thank you akshay

udaan: is shaher ko chalane ke liye sirf mein or sultan hi kafi hai

Emraan Hashmi: udaan…baaki pandu sab vanvas jayenge

Ashu!!: r u real emraan?

Emraan Hashmi: no ashu

sophia: i love all ur movies and songs especially KAHO NA KAHO good job

Emraan Hashmi: thank you sophia

Ranbir_Loves_Kat: who is the Actress or Actor u would love to work with ?

Emraan Hashmi: i think there is a lot of talent in bollywood and i just want to work with everyone and do good films

kaniz: emran where r u living now?

Emraan Hashmi: bandra

Emraan Hashmi

Towhid: we dnt c u tweeting in a long time plz come back 2 twitter lots of ur fans wait 4 1 tweet frm u?

Emraan Hashmi: Towhid…I will but mostly i want to update my blog on my website which i will do soon

sophia: who is ur close friend from bollywood??

Emraan Hashmi: sophia…ive got family here and i think all my co actors have been in touch and we are all good friends

shahid: is thre any movies Emraan in which u not kissing?

Emraan Hashmi: shahid…how can that be possible???

aaliya: emran who is ur role model?

Emraan Hashmi: aaliya….dont really have a role model but yes I have been inspired by numerous people over the years.

ajimoo: y dont u visit australia emrann ji?

Emraan Hashmi: ajimoo..i was there 2 months ago and i might come there for New Years

Basith Hashmi: What is the secret of your fair skin ?

Emraan Hashmi: Basith…Fair and Lovely

sophia: What would u say to all ur fans in Morocco??

Emraan Hashmi: sophia…a big hi to all in morocco…i wanna visit your city soon

Emraan Hashmi: sophia…a big hi to all in morocco…i wanna visit your city soon

kaniz: u know emran u look gud in romantic hero

Emraan Hashmi: thank you kaniz

Basith Hashmi: is Raftaar24x7 finalised ?

Emraan Hashmi: basith…we have 4 days of shooting pending for Raftaar 24 x 7…it will release when the makers want it to release.

Emraan Hashmi: basith…we have 4 days of shooting pending for Raftaar 24 x 7…it will release when the makers want it to release.

SONIA: i loveeee you emraan i must say you are one of the most good looking actors

Emraan Hashmi: i dont consider myself good looking but thank you sonia

CReedwan: ur website is great!!

Emraan Hashmi: thank you, we are planning on updating it soon

Raaaaj: Emraan do you smoke or drink?

Emraan Hashmi: occasionally Raaj….i stopped smoking though…i drink very rarely at social occasions

Sunita: did you enjoy ice skating?

Emraan Hashmi: sunita…i tried it a month back in Melbourne thankfully didnt fall

Emraan Hashmi

zarmina from pakis: which is your favourite brand for clothing

Emraan Hashmi: zarmina…i guess DIESEL

SONIA: I know i could of google this but r u married?

Emraan Hashmi: yes i am sonia

akshay: emraan whats about raaz 3?

Emraan Hashmi: akshay…we r planning that probably next year

abbas: after this which is your next coming movie????

Emraan Hashmi: abbas…after OUATIM I have Crook: Its Good To Be Bad

yatharth: is your character based on dawood ibrahim?

Emraan Hashmi: what do you think yatharth

emran_behroo: i m very glad to chat with u emran bhai

Emraan Hashmi: thank you

akshay: when will u release the promo of crook?

Emraan Hashmi: akshay…we r planning to release the promo of crook in theatres with Once Upn a time.

annonomous: y r u going shirtless alot thease days ???lol

Emraan Hashmi: becos i got myself a new pack of 6

ntn_vrma: why dont u try film with imtiaz ali?

Emraan Hashmi: probably in the near future if he approaches me with a good film

jasmin: emran bhai is that true u and himesh are not friend. i heard beween u and himesh cold war going on?

Emraan Hashmi: jasmin…we were never friends it was a purely professional relationship and no there is no cold war. I respect him as a performer and artist.

zarmina from pakis: which country u like for shooting movies?

Emraan Hashmi: zarmina…I loved shooting in Australia, Korea


Emraan Hashmi: glad to be here

Emraan Hashmi

Virginia: BIG HUG for the sweetest, hottest and sexiest Guy of the Whole World. Love u Emraan.

Emraan Hashmi: big hug for you too Virginia

Ranbir_Loves_Kat: How many films are you currently working on?

Emraan Hashmi: 5

Nelia18: Hi Emraan!!!!!!You will be filmed with Bipasha Basu in your next movie right?

Emraan Hashmi: how do you know that Nelia? are you spy?

Ankit K.: Hi how u like serial kisser tag on u?

Emraan Hashmi: ankit…i love it

Towhid: whts ur fav holiday destanition ???

Emraan Hashmi: Maldives

yatharth: how long did it take to make once upon a time in mumbaai?

Emraan Hashmi: yathrth…a little over a year

Virginia: Emraan can u wish me happy birthday on July 24th. means alot alot alot for me and is best gift 4ever

Emraan Hashmi: ok a big happy bday in advance to virginia

ntn_vrma: i want to see u working with abhay deol in a comedy.

Emraan Hashmi: probably in the near future

Ranshita: whom do u consider as a competitor?

Emraan Hashmi: Ranshita…myself

adman: will mahesh sir return to direct films fr u ? he s a great filmmaker

Emraan Hashmi: adman…i keep trying to persuade him but he has given it up for good and never wants to return to direction

Sunita: need to congratulate you for you toned body. you look amazing with your new physique

Emraan Hashmi: Sunita…thank you

Ranshita: cld u once c 2 d camera nd blow a kiss 2 me

Emraan Hashmi: Ranshita..there you go

Emraan Hashmi

usprince: are you on facebook?

Emraan Hashmi: i was on facebook for exactly 2 days

Ashu!!: r u hyper person?

Emraan Hashmi: ashu…no i wouldnt consider myself as that

digi-ar: sir,are u playing a negative role ouatim?

Emraan Hashmi: digi..i dont see characters as positive or negative,

ajay devgn: who according 2 u have the best role ajju bhai or u? no diplomatic answers

Emraan Hashmi: i think everyones character is well fitted in to the script they are both equally good

akshay: i will go ouatim for 1st day 1st show

Emraan Hashmi: pls do akshay

jnnmknkm: how is the experience working with madhur?

Emraan Hashmi: great…he is a funny guy…it was high time that he made a comedy


Emraan Hashmi: ya if its a good film

Towhid: Loved u in raaz 2 will u like 2 do more horror films ????

Emraan Hashmi: towhid…ya thats my fav genre

kaniz: emran if ur son want to work in film industry….will u agree?

Emraan Hashmi: kaniz…it’ll be completely his choice…Ill guide him to a point but the eventual decision will be by him

CReedwan: tell us abt Dil toh bacha hai ji?

Emraan Hashmi: dil to bachcha hai ji is a nice comedy with some very memorable characters

EMRAAN ROCKS: emraan i am a big fan, do you want to work with salman?

Emraan Hashmi: why not?

Towhid: Whts ur style secret ??????

Emraan Hashmi: towhid…don’t really follow anyone and do your own thing

moviemaverick: hi emraan, is the moustache in ONCE UPON real ?

Emraan Hashmi: its real

Emraan Hashmi

sophia: how many languages u talk??

Emraan Hashmi: sophia…i knw 2

adman: what is ur dream banner and camp?

Emraan Hashmi: its never the banner or the camp… its the film and the script

Priya!: Who is your fav soccer player?

Emraan Hashmi: dont watch soccer priya

Emraan Hashmi: it was great chatting with all of you…hopefully will be back soon…till then catch my new film Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai on the 30th of July.

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