Characters: Shree Ram: Rajesh Tiwari Shreeram had chosen the path of Beehad because of his panchayat dispute. He was one of the biggest terrors of Beehad. He had good network with other gangs of Mustakeem & Fakkad along with policemen. He was very wicked and had to his credit bai


Shree Ram: Rajesh Tiwari

Shreeram had chosen the path of Beehad because of his panchayat dispute. He was one of the biggest terrors of Beehad. He had good network with other gangs of Mustakeem & Fakkad along with policemen. He was very wicked and had to his credit bai mai dispute and crime like mai ata where entire village was set on fire with 21 mallahs, animals, mothers and children inside. He was shot dead by the police.

Lalaram: Piyush Sahane

He was younger brother of Shreeram. An ordinary gangster, he had the habit of controlling others, spoiling realtions with other dacoits, specially Vikram Mallah. After Shreerams death he became new leader of the gang, bringing all Thakurs under his influence. This debauch and mean person kidnapped Seema Parihar and made her his Keep. This caused rift in the gang, forcing Nirbhay Singh Gujjar & Kusuma to join Fakkad Baba's gang. Lalaram was shot dead by the police in the end of 2000.

Vikram Mallah: Sunil Sawra

This man was active member of Shreeram Gang and had full confidence of Shreeram. He had always dreamt to be the uncrowned king of behead, making him greedy and traitorous. Later he was shot dead by Shreeram, although it was the police who took this credit. After his death all the Mallah's switched loyalty to Phoolan Devi.

Mustakeem: Sudesh Paul

An egoistic and serious person, Mustakeem was friend of Fakkad and Shreeram. He along with his gang, ruled a certain section of Beehad. A just person, he respected the laws of the land. When Phoolan Devi was removed from Shreeram's gang, Mustakeem sent his own gang members to help her in making her own team. However, this was his biggest mistake, because after Phoolan Devi Bahmai incident, he was shot dead as a revenge.

Nirbhay Singh Gujjar: Vikas Srivastav

To take revenge on a small family dispute Nirbhay had joined Shreeram's gang. Clever and Calm, he was cunning as a fox. Very egoistic, selfish and greedy, he even revolted against Lalaram and joined Fakkad's gang. Many times he even cheated Fakkad and also tried to kill him. He broke all the rules of behead and steadily spread his kingdom. He ruled through terror of kidnapping, murder and shock. He was very romantic and even got married four times. His greatest wish was to get into politics, but due to his betrayal from his wife & children, he turned more bitter. Left all alone he was killed by his own people.

Kusuma Nain: Anamika Pandey

Kusuma belonged to a middleclass family. A boy named Manav Mallah loved her and wanted to marry her but her father married her to man of his choice. So manav with Vikram and Kusuma's bua kidnapped her. Vikram then forced her to take to arms. Later Kusuma killed Vikram and joined gang of Shreeram to become a primary member of the gang. After killing many mallahs and setting Mai Aata village on fire, she became biggest & cruelest female dacoit. After the death of Shreeram she joined the gang of Fakkad Baba and married him. Later due to betrayal of Nirbhay, she made her own gang. Kusuma with Fakkad surrendered to police. There are 250 cases against her and currently she is in Urai jail.

Phoolan Devi: Deepa Singh

She was a victim of child marriage. She came in contact with Babu Gujjar and took to Behead. Here she met Vikram Mallah and decided to take revenge from Shreeram. She went to Shreeram's behmai village and killed 23 thakurs. This established her in Beehad. This incident also created a major rift and a game of revenge & counter-revenge between Mallah and Thakurs. For some years she committed several crimes like murders, extortions, kidnappings etc. Later she surrendered to police.

Munni Pandey: Anjali Rana

She was tortured and as a retaliation, she joined Nirbhay's gang. After sometime, Nirbhay even married her. However she chose to run away with her first love Munna. Later Nirbhay Singh had thme tracked, caught and killed cruelly.

Neelam Gupta: Nikita

Neelam belonged to a middle class family. Due to financial needs of her family, she approached Nirbhay for help. Later Nirbhay marries her. After some time she falls in love with Nirbhay's adopted son Shyam Jathav. She runs away and surrenders to police, but Nirbhay manages to catch them to kill them mercilessly

Sarla Jathav: Shweta Singh

Sarla is a resident of some village of Beehad. Nirbhay Gujjar kidnapped Sarla and got her married to his adopted son only at the age of 9 years. Reason behind Sarla Jathav kidnapping was that she had given shelter to Munna and Munni at her home. Sarla till end was in the gang of Nirbhay. Once Nirbhay Gang was shattered completely he asked Sarla to leave Beehad. After that she surrendered to the police. Presently she is in the jail of Etawah with 60 registered cases against her, waited for judgment.


Beehad of Chambel river valley, spread in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, are notorious for producing the dreaded dacoits of India. Feared dacoits like Maan Singh, Putil bhai, Malkhan Singh, Mohar Singh etc are all by product of this river valley region called Beehad. This trend still continues. However, today they have lost their sheen of self righteousness and become sort of mercenaries.

Slowly and steadily their practice turned into kidnapping and except for a few of them, others turned into a sort of mercenaries. The film, Beehad - The Ravines, deals with this mix of dacoits from 1975 to the year 2005. After a research of five years, this film went on floor and was shot at actual locations of Beehad in Chambal Ravines.

Initially Beehad nurtured extremist like Shriram, Lalaram, Fakkad, Mustakeem etc who terrorized the entire Chambal valley. Later Shriram Singh guided Vikram Mallah and Phoolan Devi into this art of terror and they ignited the valley with religious conflicts. Result of this was Kusuma Nain's birth as a dacoit who later killed Vikram Mallah. While Phoolan Devi vindicated her rape by killing 23 innocent people in Behmai village after her marriage to Maan Singh, it was Kusuma Nain who became the most evil and feared dacoit. Along with Shriram and Lalaram, Kusuma Killed 15 Mallah at mai aasta. Later she surrendered to police and is waiting judgment in Orai Jail.

Today Chambal valley does not have any real time dacoit, but the name beehad still evokes fear. Film Beehad - The Ravines is the story of these dacoits, their social exploitation, their taking to arms against this injustice and their reign of terror against opposite sects and castes.

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