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With Love… Tumhara Movie Review

With Love… Tumhara Movie Rating

WITH LUV... TUMHAARA is made with honest efforts and intentions, but it rests on a shaky foundation -- a hackneyed script.

Anuradha [Preeti Jhangiani] is in love with an army man, Akshay [Nakul Vaid], who lives with his father, Colonel Mahendra [Sharat Saxena], in Manali. They are about to get married, but Akshay is called on a mission. He knows he must go and although everyone is disappointed, they eagerly await his return.

Also on the mission is his good friend Rahul [Parvin Dabas], with whom he shares many of his feelings. A few days later, Col. Mahendra receives a letter from army headquarters stating that his son is missing. Although unwilling, he has a slight idea of what it could mean. He does not tell Anu about recent developments, fearing her reaction.

Just then Rahul comes to their house to inform Akshay's family members about the reality. He tells the Colonel that Rahul has died as a brave soldier. The news is not taken well, but Anu is still kept in the dark. Rahul is asked to stay in their home for a few days.

Rahul's fianc' Neha [Anupama Varma] is arrogant and egoistic by nature and does not understand the terms that must be dealt with before Rahul can come back home. Rahul falls in love with Anu and decides to live with the Colonel since Anu has accepted a job offer in Delhi. He assumes her responsibilities.

Six months later, Anu is called back by Colonel Mahendra, who reveals the love Rahul has for her and wants them to stay together forever. But Anu vehemently states that no one can replace Akshay in her life. Rahul cannot live with her, yet be far away from her, so he decides to leave from there.

Although WITH LUV... TUMHAARA has been shot well [the film is visually enticing], the problem is that it has nothing new and exciting to offer. Director Kamal Nathani has not been able to come up with a convincing fare because the emotions are not completely established. It wouldn't be wrong to state that the writing is loose!

Sudeep Banerjee's music is melodious and the 'Dheere Dheere' track is the pick of the lot. Camerawork is first-rate.

Preeti Jhangiani does not handle emotional scenes as expected. Parvin Dabas looks confused. Nakul Vaid does not get scope. Sharat Saxena is quite effective. Anupama Varma underperforms. Pankaj Berry, Lalit Parashar, Mahrru Sheikh and Sanjeev Tiwari are okay.

On the whole, WITH LUV... TUMHAARA does not offer anything new. At the box-office, the low-key promotion and awareness coupled with weak merits will make the effort go unnoticed.

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