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Certain stories are way ahead of times to gel with the Indian sensibilities. There's nothing wrong with them as such, but it's difficult to absorb such themes by the traditional audiences. UNNS is one such story!

UNNS is a story narrated by Natasha [Juhi Babbar] about her close friend Ria [Rituparna Sengupta], who gets married to Rahul [Sanjay Kapoor] on a rebound. Rahul, an ideal husband, truly loves his wife. Unfortunately, Ria is unable to reciprocate Rahul's love in the same way as he does.

Ria's first love, Rishi [Sudhanshu Pande], is a advertising tycoon who she really loved once upon a time. Rishi too loved her, but they could not get married.

Succumbing to her consciences, Ria deliberately starts picking up fights with Rahul and one day tells him that she has decided to end the marriage. Rahul is shattered. Natasha's boyfriend Sameer [Aman Verma], a lawyer, helps Ria. Natasha understands that Ria cannot get a better husband than Rahul and discourages her from divorce. But Ria is adamant.

Rahul, a product of a broken family and the one who probably nursed a desire to keep his family always happy, wants to save his marriage. Natasha stands against her own boyfriend Sameer as well as Ria and helps Rahul in this process.

Besides a theme that's difficult to digest, there's one prime reason why UNNS doesn't catch your attention: The screenplay is far from gripping. Be it Sudhanshu's characterization or the courtroom sequences, the film could've done with a taut screenplay.

Bhupendra Gupta's direction is average. The conflict between the characters is not fully developed and hence, the impact is missing. Music [Sujeet Shetty] too is dull. Cinematography [Ishwar Bidri] is first-rate.

Juhi Babbar stands the tallest as far as acting is concerned. She delivers a polished performance. Sanjay Kapoor is able. Rituparna Sengupta does a fair job. Sudhanshu Pande looks lost. Aman Verma tends to go over the top.

On the whole, UNNS has limited chances due to a not-too-convincing plotline. At the box-office, it has dim chances!

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