1.5 Average

Turning 30!!!

“Turning 30” is so called chick flick with almost complete film in English language which tries to be so innovative than other films but remains neither engaging nor compelling. The film has famous clutch that it looses the grip post-interval and it results in lethargic film which is desperately trying to be modern film. Now the credit must be given for good cinematography, fantastic costumes but where is a proper story! Just about 2 hours and still it fails to hook you. Gul Panag keeps on trying to add strength to the film by her act, well she does her job very good but she is saddled by a flawed script and fractured screenplay because the first half is decent with some very good moments but miserably looses the steam from word go in second half. Purab Kohli seems tired doing his act where Siddarth Makkar does well in places but falls in some scenes. Alankrita’s direction is weakest link because she handles the loose script with no concentration. Three main things about any movie are script, screenplay and direction; here all three fails. The editing was best way to save some flaws especially in second hour. You get suffocated when the lights come back when the second part starts. Songs are so poorly composed that you feel putting cotton in your ears and guess what, there are too many songs which only goes to show how things went wrong. Much of concentration is provided on intimate scenes, English language, costumes, looks, cinematography as I pointed earlier. You can watch the film only if you are blessed with enough patience. Gul Panag may have justified her center character with the required elements, but had she read the script, she would have been saved from this film. The concept may be different, but how you wish that the film would have been modicum of different. It is a lazy effort on part of the makers.

Review: 1.5/5