2 Average


Tamasha is indeed an invigorated tale in today's times of fatuous films! It is clichéd, yes... It is flawed, yes... its story is nothing new, but the way Imtiaz presents the story in the form of musical narrative, and the manner in which lead protagonists, Ranbir and Deepika mark that presence is truly commendable.

Tamasha is all about the journey of Ved (portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor) and Tara (portrayed by Deepika Padukone) through self-discovery, love, passion, contend and vivacious emotions. Its screenplay is non- linear, mind you, which might make some uncomfortable for a love story, but Tamasha is not only about romance, if you're wondering.

Film's technical aspect is class apart. Ravi Verman's stunning cinematography deserves a standing ovation. Editing is arguably good, but its not for everyone's mouthful. Ranbir and Deepika's performance is one of the biggest strengths of this film. Their chemistry is wonderfully captured and presented in a grand celluloid!

Another highlight of this movie is its music. A.R. Rahman delivers a grand soundtrack once again, and Imtiaz weaves those songs in a perfect manner carrying the story forward. Is Imtiaz-Rahman combo slowly becoming Mani Ratnam-Rahman combo?

Tamasha is not an easy grasp, at least not for everyone. The film will have mixed opinions, that's for sure. But if you find the connection that Imtiaz tries you to find through Ved's character (or to some extent Tara's character), you are in for a treat.

Watch out for: Ranbir and Deepika's Chemistry, Imtiaz's direction, Songs and Score, Cinematography