0.5 Poor

Singh Is Kinng

It is such a sick, faltu and bakwas movie that i wonder what has gone wrong with the taste of public.
It almost seems as if the trio vipul, aneez and akshay has taken the audience for granted.
It was like as their last few movies worked well, so let us not miss the opportunity of earning few crores.
The sole intention of this movie is to create hype and earn money and so intentionally the length of the movie is kept shorter to about 2 hours 10 minutes, so that even single screen theatres can keep upto 5 shows per day.
Irrespective of how the movie is, the first weekened would take the movie into profit range.
Akshay your condition will sooner be like govinda if you don't improve.
And what was the sick logic behind pulling legs of SRK in your movie ?
Performancewise Akshay and Javed jaffery overacts very very pathetic acting.
This is the difference between actors like aamir, srk and big B that they never take audience as granted and quality of their work always improves.